How we attended London Fashion Week with no invites (part 2)

How we attended London Fashion Week with no invites (part 2)

If you haven’t read part one yet, you’ll find it here.  We also have to excuse any grammar mistakes beforehand, English isn’t our native language but we’ll do our best not to annoy you guys too much!

The last thing we wrote was about us arriving at the Burberry Show and getting in. As soon as the show was over, the guests were starting to head out from the venue. Except from Kate Moss, we also saw beautiful Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne.

As we mentioned before we were escorted out of the show by security since there was an animal rights protest outside. When we got out we immediately texted our friend M and asked him where the after party was held. 



M: I’m working at this event held by MatchesFashion, here’s the address. You won’t be able to get in though. It’s a private dinner. 

We jumped in a taxi and headed towards the address. Even though M had told us that he wouldn’t be able to get us in, we were convinced that we could get ourselves in. 10 minutes later we had arrived at the address. We approached the entrance to the venue with big smiles on our faces. On each side of the entrance two women were standing with guest lists in their hands. At this point we were getting nervous… but at the same time no one else was standing by the entrance so if we would get rejected no one would witness the embarrassing moment. 

We told the women that we were invited by a guy named M. When the women asked for our names we could tell that they couldn’t find us on their lists. At this point we were thinking that we wouldn’t get in. Then, the women suddenly wrote our names down on the list, looked at us, smiled and said – Welcome girls!

We couldn’t believe it. We were in, again. 

When we got into the event we could tell that this was a different kind of event than the previous ones we had attended. People were standing in small groups, wearing designer clothes from top to bottom and didn’t glance at us once. The waiters at this party were a bunch of male models though so we had fun talking to them. We texted M telling him we were in. He didn’t believe us and asked us to send a picture of one of the waiters. We took a picture and sent it. 

Our conversation with M: 

Us: It isn’t a dinner, only mingle. 

M: Oh, the dinner will start soon. I’m working during the dinner. 

And M was right. One by one the guests soon started going down the staircase.

At this point, me (Sara), wanted to leave. Paulina didn’t. I’m hungry, she told me. 

Me: What do you mean you’re hungry!? We’re not invited. 

Paulina: Maybe we’ll find our names on the table.

Me: We won’t since we’re not invited! 

After arguing back and forth for a while we decided to follow the other guests to the room where the dinner was held. In the middle of the room there were three tables and the guests were standing there (still mingling though). Paulina went around the tables looking for our names while I (Sara) was standing by the staircase and dying of embarrassment. Suddenly I heard a voice: what the f*ck are you guys still doing here?

M was standing next to me, as a waiter. 

M: Why didn’t you guys leave yet?

Me: Paulina is hungry.

M: You did good girls, now it’s time to go before the dinner starts.

Me: Paulina is hungry.

M: What do you mean Paulina is hungry? There are plenty of places to eat in London. 

Me: I know, tell her that. Stop talking to me, we’ll get busted.

M laughed and left me. Paulina came back and told me our names weren’t on the table. BIG SUPRISE!!! 

Soon a women approached us and asked us if she could help us. I told her that a guy named M had sent me an e-mail, telling me to come to this event. She asked me to show her the e-mail. When she told me that, I wanted to sink through the floor. We were BUSTED! I didn’t have an e-mail!

I decided to take a printscreen of the conversation with M on text, where he had sent me the address, and then show it to her. I mean, I wasn’t lying. M had sent us the address 🙂 

Her: Omg girls, you were probably going to the fashion show that was held here earlier today, this is a private dinner.

Paulina: We didn’t know that! We are so sorry!

Her: It’s fine! Stuff like this happens all the time!

I (Sara) had to do my best not to start laughing. Paulina was such a god actress. 

We left the dinner, just before it started, and went to an event that we were invited to (Sabinna See Now Buy Now Event). As we mentioned in part 1 we got some invites by sending out a request to several brands, using the site to get contact details for press and sales. 



I hope guys enjoyed our story about our experience of fashion week in London. We were a bit hesitant to share it first – what if the fashion world starts hating us now? And then we thought, WE WISH THE FASHION WORLD HATED US. Then at least they would know who we are 🙂 Below, you’ll find some tips from us to you! Please let us know what you thought about these articles in the comments.

Do you want us to share more of our experiences as beginners in the fashion world? 

4 ways to get into fashion week without a ticket

Send a request

This is probably the advice that makes the most sense. Send a request to different brands and ask for invitation. Write a short presentation of yourself and make sure to link to your website or Instagram. 

Fake it until you make it

Walk by security or approach the show manager like you’re invited to the show. Confidence is your all-access pass. Attitude is everything! Publicists don’t like to offend VIP’s by asking their names, this mean sometimes they end up giving access to show crashers – like us. 

Slip in with the VIP’s 

Sneaking into shows past security is considered the most impolite thing you can do at fashion week but it’s not like your committing a crime or anything. There are plenty of people who attend these shows. Squeeze yourself in the middle of the herd and go with the flow. Make sure to blend in with the crowd so don’t wear a showy outfit if you wan’t to pull this one off. 

Dress up and be polite 

Pretend like you’re going to run into your exes, your exes new girlfriends, Anna Wintour and your worse enemy, in the same day. Make sure you look good. Like really, really good. The commoner that you are, the possibility of the publicist refusing you entry is high. Then, join the queue and wait till you get face-to-face with the show manager or publicist and tell them you’re not invited but would love to see the show. If you’re lucky they will tell you to step aside and wait and then usher you in. 

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