How we attended London Fashion Week with no invites (part 1)

How we attended London Fashion Week with no invites (part 1)

London Fashion Week 2017 was around the corner, the tickets to London were booked and so was the room. Unfortunately, getting tickets for the LFW was not a simple exercise. First of all, we decided to go to London last minute and since we aren’t a big brand (yet), e-mailing brands and PR-agencies last minute was a long shot. Still, we decided to work our magic. The worse thing that could happen was that someone would tell us no, and that we could live with. If you’re a fashion blogger starting out, you’re going to get plenty of no’s. 

Since we weren’t among the lucky few that are showered with designers invitations, we decided to take the “fake it until we make it” route. We sat down, wrote an e-mail and sent out our request to the right people. Our request was simple presentation of us and we also made sure to link to our website and Instagram. We sent our request to a lot of brands, both big and small and used the site to get contact details for press and sales. 

A few hours later we already had received some invitations. And let me tell you, we were over the moon. The previous day we had already attended an event with no invite (I’ll tell the story later) so we were super excited to actually get some invitations. This time around we wouldn’t have to worry about getting thrown out. 

attend-fashion-week-no-tickets sara rehioui

We went to Zara to do some last minute shopping and soon we were ready to attend our first show. When we arrived to the venue we realized that the clothes and the brand wasn’t our style so marketing them on our channels wouldn’t feel right. As if God had heard our prayers we received a text from a friend of ours just a few minutes before the show started. The conversation went something like this:

M: The Burberry show starts now.

Us: Can you get us in?

M: I’ll see what I can do. 

Here, we were faced with a decision. Either we would go to the Burberry Show and risk getting rejected at the door or stay, even though the clothes weren’t really our style.  The choice was easy – Burberry. We ran out of the event, stopped a taxi and told the driver to head over to the address where the Burberry show was held. During our taxi ride we got another text from our friend, this time with bad news – he told us he couldn’t get us in. At this point we didn’t really care though, we were on our way and would try to get in anyways. 

sara rehioui
Sara Rehioui

When we finally reached our destination and jumped out of the taxi there was pretty much chaos outside. The show had suffered a delay after the police were called to an animal rights protest outside the venue. The police and the security guards formed two human chains to allow the guests into the venue and watch the show. 

Soon enough a man approached us asking us if we we’re going to the show. We nodded.

– I’m sorry, he said. The show manager said she won’t let any more people in. 

We left him and strolled around the building, while getting stopped by street style photographers who wanted to take pictures of us. At least we got our pictures taken, we told each other.

Paulina Berntsson

Soon, another man approached us. He asked us if we were attending the show. Yes, we said. He told us to follow him. We followed him through the two human chains of police and security guards, with animal right protestors screaming at us. When we finally arrived at the door, we took a deep breath. The show manager was standing next to us with the guest list in her hands. If she would ask us for our names – we were screwed.

Suddenly, like God had heard our prayers again, the doors opened.

Music was playing.

Models were walking down the runway and in the mix of it all, there she was, the queen and our biggest fashion inspiration – Kate Moss. 

We couldn’t believe it, we were in. 


In part 2 we’ll let you know what happened next and what we found out to be the secret to get into these exclusive events

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